So you're traveling to Beirut?

Whether you’re going for family, the beach, or both, fund your next trip to Beirut by becoming an On Your Way Trusted Traveler and exchanging some of your luggage space to carry products for our community of shoppers.

How much cash are we talking about?

Glad you asked. Depending on the value and weight of what you carry, you could earn about $15/kg or $7/lb for the products you fit in your suitcase. Make some room for us and we’ll take care of the rest.

What kind of stuff will I carry?

We’ll send you a list of the exact items you’ll carry in advance with the amount you can expect to earn upon delivery. You’ll have two days to confirm and can veto any of the items, for whatever reason. All items ship from recognized online stores—never from private individuals. So, how much space do you have in your suitcase?

Our top categories include:

Small electronics


Shoes and clothing

Small automotive accessories

How early do I need to register my trip?

Ideally, we’d love to know 1-2 months before your flight to Beirut.

Not sure when you're traveling?

Though we’d love to know 1-2 months in advance of your trip, if you’re more of an on-the-fly kind of guy or gal, that’s cool too. Give us your approximate dates and we’ll get in touch with you closer to your travel time.

Do I need to buy anything?

Nope. We’ll send you all the products you’ll carry in advance, after you confirm and approve. All items ship from recognized online stores—never from private individuals.

What happens once I receive the products?

Each parcel you receive has a tracking number and comes from a recognized online store. Unpack and verify each product and send us a photo to confirm receiving each one. We’ll walk you through all the steps once you’re there.

What if the products on my list are late?

We’re on top of it. If a shipment is late, we’ll notify you ahead of time.

I’m in Beirut with the goods. What now?

Drop it off at our office, or arrange a pick up with us. Either way, we’ll give you your cash once we receive all the items.

Who's doing it?

Here are some of our Trusted Travelers and their reasons for traveling with us.

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Hadi El Haj Chehade

Anis Abdul-Karim

Ali Chehade-Farhat

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