I shop

-Can I order anything I want?

You can order anything that is legal.

-How do I know that the traveler will not steal my product? :)

The transactions are secure, thanks to our special payment system. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. When you accept a delivery offer, you are required to pay a deposit using your bank card,
  • 2. We hold this deposit on our business account, while the traveler buys the product with HIS OWN money and brings it to you,
  • 3. Once you confirm successful delivery, we transfer your deposit to the traveler.

So since the traveler doesn’t get paid until the delivery takes place, he has no intention for fraud.

-Do I have any obligations when placing an order?

None whatsoever. You don’t need to pay for anything before you’ve found a traveller that matches your expectations.

-Do I have to accept the offers I receive?

Not at all. You can reject offers if they don’t meet your needs.

-Can I buy my item online and ship it to the travellers address, asking him/her to bring it along?

No, travelers are required to make purchases themselves. Only in that case we can guarantee that your item will reach you, and that you will receive a refund in case the traveler cancels his trip.

-How and when do I pay?

You can pay using your bank card. You will be asked to pay when you accept an offer from a traveler. However, On Your Way will not transfer this money to the traveler until you confirm that the item was securely delivered to you. In case your traveler cancels the trip, you will be refunded in full, including service fees.

-What is the code that you sent me after I’ve accepted a delivery offer?

This is a code that you will need to give to the traveler when you meet him/her to pick up your item. Handing over this code means that you’ve received your item. Do not communicate this code before you get your order.

-What happens if the item I’ve ordered is damaged?

You should get in touch with our team at support@onyourway.io. We resolve such issues on the case-by-case bases and in most cases you will be refunded in full.

-What happens if my order wasn’t delivered?

You will be refunded in full, including the service fee.

-What is the service fee of OYW?

7% of the purchase amount and traveller reward + $6 fixed on each order.

-Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order anytime before you accept an offer from a traveler.

If you want to cancel an order after you’ve accepted a delivery offer and prepaid the deposit, you need to contact the traveler through the inbuilt messenger asking him if he’s already purchased the item and if he would accept cancelling the transaction. If the traveller agrees, he can cancel the transaction, and you will be refunded in full. If the traveller refuses, the delivery will take place as agreed initially.

I travel

-I searched through the active orders but there was none matching my trip route, what can I do?

You can enter your travel route and we’ll send you notifications each time there is an item posted that matches your trip.

-I have to pay upfront to purchase the goods. How can I be sure that the buyer will not cancel the order or refuse to pay?

When the buyer accepts your delivery offer, s/he will be asked to deposit the whole sum on On Your Way’s account. We will notify you asking to proceed with the purchase only after we have received the payment. We will hold the deposit money securely, until you’ve delivered the item. Once we get the confirmation of delivery (6-digit code), we will transfer you the money.

-How and when do I get paid?

You will get paid as soon as you enter the 6-digit code that the buyer handed you upon the delivery of the item. If your bank account is located in Lebanon or in any of the EU countries, you will get paid by a direct bank transfer. If your bank account is located elsewhere, we will wire you the money through Paypal.

-I don’t have a Paypal account, how do I proceed?

It is not a problem if you don’t have a Paypal account. We will send the money using the email address linked to your On Your Way account and you will receive an email from Paypal with an instruction on how to withdraw your money from your Paypal to your Bank account.

-What if the buyer wants to cancel transaction?

After the buyer places the deposit, s/he will not be able to cancel the transaction. This is to protect you against any last minute cancellations, especially after the requested item has been purchased. However, the buyer may communicate to you (i.e. the traveller) that s/he wishes for the transaction to be cancelled. If you haven’t yet purchased the item and don’t mind cancelling the request, please click on the 'Cancel' button on the top right corner of the request page.

-Where do I deliver the item?

You have 2 options and it’s up to both of you to decide!

  • 1. You can drop off the products at our collection point in Mar Michael.
  • 2. Or you can meet up anywhere that suits both you and the buyer.


-How are Prime orders different from regular orders?

When you place a Prime order, you no longer need to wait for a traveler to contact you. We will automatically the first available traveler to your request, so that your product reaches you in the soonest delay.

-What orders are eligible for Prime?

Any product that costs more than $200USD is eligible for Prime shipping.

-How to post a Prime order?

You simply need to put the link into the form on this page https://www.onyourway.io/prime/