I’m looking to buy a product

-Can I buy anything I want?

You can buy anything that is legal in Lebanon. If in doubt, just ask for a quote, our team will let you know.

While we can ship almost anything, since our products are brought in our travelers’ suitcases, we are the best in the market for lighter-weight, higher-value products (things like cosmetics, phones, jewelry, higher-end clothing…).

We’ll be happy to quote you if you want to a sofa, but we’re not sure it will fit in the suitcase !

-How does the buying process work?

Three easy steps :

  • 1. Spot the item you want on any ecommerce shopping website in the US, UK or France. Popular ones include Amazon , eBay, Nike or Sephora, but we can ship from any store !
  • 2. Ask for a quote by sending us the link to the item, either online here or via WhatsApp (http://wa.me/96171640397)
  • 3. We’ll get back to you quickly (a couple of hours on business days), with a delivery offer specifying the time and price of delivery. Then, it’s up to you to accept or not!

If you accept our offer, we handle everything from there and will notify you once your product reaches Beirut.

-How do I pay ?

As you prefer. You can either prepay with your bank card (with a discount), or pay cash on delivery.

-How much does shipping cost ?

You’ll get a firm offer from our team within a couple hours of asking for a quote but if you want to get an estimate, you can use this handy calculator.

-Is there a minimum order value ?

No, there’s no minimum order value but we do apply a minimum 8$ shipping fee. However, you can combine multiple items in a single order to hit the limit.

-How long does shipping take ?

Delivery typically takes 1-3 weeks from the moment you place your order.

In some rare instances, for instance for products coming from the UK or France or from websites that do not offer fast shipping, things might take a bit longer. If that is the case, you will of course be informed before making your decision.

-Do I have any obligations when asking for a quote?

None whatsoever. You don’t need to pay anything if our delivery offer doesn’t meet your needs.

-What happens if my product arrives damaged or is not the item I ordered?

All deliveries are insured, so if your package arrives damaged or does not correspond to what your ordered, you will be refunded in full, including the item price and On Your Way’s delivery fee.

-Where is your delivery office?

If you chose self pick-up, you can collect your items from our delivery office in Dora Sea Side.

-I have a voucher/coupon code for an online store. Can I use it through your service?

If you have a coupon that you know for sure will work, let us know when asking for a quote ! We’ll use it when making your purchase.

I want to travel with On your Way

-What kind of products will I be carrying?

Our top categories include:

  • - Small electronics
  • - Shoes and clothing
  • - Cosmetics
  • - Small automotive accessories

Two weeks before your travel date, we’ll send you a list of the exact items you’ll carry, as well as the amount you can expect to earn once you’ve arrived in Beirut. You’ll have two days to confirm and can veto any of the items, no reason asked.

-Where do the products come from?

All items ship from recognized online stores such as Amazon or eBay - never from private individuals.

-Do I need to buy anything myself?

Nope. We’ll send you all the products you’ll carry in advance, after you confirm and approve. All items ship from recognized online stores--never from private individuals.

-What happens once I receive the products?

Each parcel you receive has a tracking number and comes from a recognized online store. Unpack and verify each product and send us a photo to confirm receiving each one. We’ll walk you through all the steps once you’re there.

-Am I responsible if products are late or lost by postal services?

No, you’re not! We take full responsibility for the products and will notify you ahead of time when we notice anything wrong.

-I’m in Beirut with the goods. What now?

Drop it off at our logistics office, or arrange a pick up with us. Either way, we’ll give you your cash once we receive the items.