We don't really want to change the world.

Let's think for one second:how many companies can change the world?

If one reads the mission or vision statements(what was the difference, again?) of the thousands of start-ups created every month, the world should be unrecognizable in a few years, as every problem ever identified(and countless other things that we didn't know were problem) will be solved.

So, the market for world disruption seems saturated to us. We're content right now with leaving it to the tech giants. Don't worry, we'll change once we've become one of them.

We do hope to change the world a tiny bit for our users.

All of us here at On Your Way have spent about as much time in our respective countries of origin as outside it. So, we do know for a fact that many people could use what we offer: a way to not feel like they missed an opportunity when buying standardized products that hoppen to be much cheaper in other countries.

A few exaples:

- In 2016, the exact same iPhone 6S cost over $1,000 in Turkey versus $ 600 in the US;

- In Paris, where we are based, hundreds of Koreans each day go to a specific pharmacy (which is, we are told, mentioned in every Korean guidebook) to buy cosmetics that cost half as much as in Seoul;

- One of us was living in Russia when the currency collapsed at the end of 2014. Imported products became about 40% cheaper than world market prices, allowing the fancy residents of Moscow to buy Cartier jewelry for half of its usual price.

Clearly, something could be done to make shopping more fair.

As you have understood by now, that's the gap we aim to fill. It comes with a little bonus, too: you get to meet awesome people all along the way!


Head of everything

What she likes to get from visitors: anything eatable, really. It doesn't have to be very good.

What she likes to bring when she goes abroad: cosmetics. Only realized how big a deal French cosmetics were when she moved to Paris.


Head of less things

What he likes to get from visitors: fancy books, especially if they are in languages he doesn't understand.

What he likes to bring when he goes abroad: wine end saucisson (look it up!)