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Submit a link to a product you want from Europe and the US and we’ll send you a final price and guaranteed delivery date within 24 hours.

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We’ll purchase the goods and get in touch with one of our trusted travelers as soon as you make a deposit—we like a little commitment. They’ll bring the item back with them, and drop it off with us.

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We believe that high international shipping costs or a product not being available in your country shouldn’t stop you from owning what you want.

That’s why we use our network of trusted travelers to bring back stuff users want from Europe and the US.

You’ll know the final price in advance, save on costly import taxes, and get what you want hassle free.



and you shouldn’t be penalized for that

You’ll get refunded in the unlikely event that your product comes back broken, incomplete, or wrong in any way

All deliveries are insured

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Join our network of trusted travelers and make some extra dough on your way to Beirut in exchange for some luggage space.

It's a win-win.


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Users get their stuff within 2-3 weeks, 99% of the time.

Our network of trusted travelers finance 80% of their flight cost with us on average.

The majority of our users are male. Shop on, gentlemen!


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