How it works

1. Post your order

Describe the item you want and add a delivery reward of your choice. Travelers will make offers to deliver it.

2. Choose a traveler

Agree on delivery details and pre-pay for your order. We will hold your money securely until your item is delivered.

3. Collect your item

Meet with the traveler and pick up your item. We will transfer your payment to the traveler after you’ve confirmed a successful delivery.

On-hand support

From the first day you visit On Your Way to the day of the delivery, you can rely on the professional assistance from our Member Relations team, who are available to help you 24/7. You can contact them here or get in touch via Facebook.

Verified community

We moderate all profiles, photos, ratings, purchase requests and delivery offers in order to maintain trust and respect in the community. Users get in touch via our secure messaging system: you’ll know each other before the transaction and easily arrange a meet-up.

Secure transactions

On Your Way is built as an escrow service: we hold money in deposit until the delivery is confirmed. This guarantees smooth transactions and protects the interests of both parties. You can request with confidence since you will get an immediate 100% refund if your request is not fulfilled.

What our members are requesting


Completely Safe

We verify all of our members’ profiles by checking their email address, phone number and the validity of their bank details.

We are also particularly careful when it comes down to legal issues: we monitor every purchase request posted on the platform and keep you informed of the latest legislation concerning the imports of goods for travelers.

In a logic of transparency and to offer you the best chances to make great deals, members leave a review on their experience after each transaction.

They support us

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